müller co-ax ag - Forchtenberg
DEA Global Advantage

Meeting the tightest sealing requirements is top priority

Creating the best quality products with a perfect seal is the goal of valve manufacturer müller co-ax ag in Forchtenberg, Germany. When the company developed its Quadax® butterfly valves for the regulation and control of different media in the most extreme applications, it needed a new and highly-accurate co-ordinate measuring machine. Installation of the DEA Global Advantage 20.33.15 from Hexagon Metrology has helped the company to reach its goals.

Since it was founded in 1960, müller co-ax ag has specialised in the field of valve technology. Its product portfolio includes more than 30,000 different valve variations for controlling, regulating and monitoring a wide variety of media. Among müller co-ax ag’s passions are the original co-axial valves, which it designed.

Taking on new challenges
In 2008, the company expanded its product range and began developing the Quadax® butterfly valves. The driver for this came when Board Chairman Dr.-Ing. Gregor Gaida joined the company. Just one year later, production of these butterfly valves was set in motion. At present, valves with a standard nominal diameter of 50 to 1,000mm are produced, with sizes up to 1,800 mm also available.

The unique and patented 4x offset design principle employed by the company ensures perfect sealing of the Quadax® butterfly valves at temperatures from -270°C to +800°C and pressures of 160 bar or more.

Ready for extreme demands
Quadax® butterfly valves are manufactured to customers’ specifications while ensuring full compliance with the respective requirements. “When other companies are ready to give up, we at müller co-ax are just getting started. We assemble a project team to devise a solution for the customer’s exact needs or specialist applications,” explains Martin Bogert, quality management representative at müller co-ax ag.

Amongst other things these valves are used in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) systems, refining, energy production and in technical gas, low-temperature and district heating applications. “These varied applications are extreme in their own ways, and demand that the sealing characteristics of our products are nothing less than perfect,” stresses Board Chairman Dr.-Ing. Gregor Gaida, highlighting the enormous range of temperatures the butterfly valves are subjected to.

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