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Investment in Modern Metrology Tools Assures Successful Expansion in the Custom-Made Tube Business

At the onset of the 1990s, the camping tube industry had experienced a slowdown due to the encroaching competition from the East and the trend toward adopting fiberglass as the material of choice. As a result, TUBAZUR needed to branch out in order to remain in the business. Changing their core business to include being a subcontractor for other industrial sectors was not only risky, it also required a company-wide reorganization and sizeable investments.

Not only did TUBAZUR have to display substantial flexibility, the company also needed to divorce itself from the old notions of producing a unique product and relying on a limited number of core customers. In addition, major improvements in product quality were in store for them. Reshuffling internal roles, new employee education and active commercial approach were all part of the challenge. In 1998, Jean-Charles Barbier joined the company and followed in his father's footprints, who himself started out by buying out a former associate. Barbier started out as quality manager and worked his way up to the position of general manager in 2003.

The first foray into the articulated arm arena took place in 2002. TUBAZUR, along with two other regional companies, Société Aremeca in Vendôme and Fonderie Lajoinie in St. Firmin des Près, purchased a legacy pre-owned System 6 Romer arm. The requirements placed on the metrology equipment included dimensional tool inspection, but the skepticism was high, especially due to the high price associated with metrology solutions. The management needed to justify such a substantial investment, especially whether it would offer the required flexibility and the ease of use. All three companies shared the same concerns. Consequently, all three decided to go with the pre-owned arm that was both portable and required only minimal installation. In doing so, they shared the investment and the risk burden. . . . .

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