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Case Study Tofas - Bursa

Turkey’s leading automotive OEM innovates in 3D inspection

Tofas, founded as a joint venture between Koc Group and Fiat Auto, has been breaking new grounds in Turkey’s automotive industry for the past 40 years. With 5 brands currently represented, Tofas is one of the leading automotive companies in Turkey. Tofas carries out marketing and sales activities for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati and Ferrari brands under its name and company FerMas which is owned by Tofas. Except for Italy, Turkey is the only country where Fiat’s all 5 brands are represented by a single company.

Tofas produces Doblo, Linea, Albea Sole, Palio Sole and Minicargo models in its factory in Bursa, Turkey. While having a current annual production capacity of 250,000, Tofas is now extending its capacity to 360,000, with investments of 550 million € for Linea model and new Minicargo vehicle produced for Fiat and the PSA Group. Tofas relies on its experienced staff and leverages self developed technology for producing and exporting final products and spare parts to global markets.

After a detailed evaluation and with the support of Redoks Engineering, Tofas selected CogniTens Optigo 200 RE system to support dimensional evaluation, reverse engineering and quality control in the demanding environment of the Tofas automotive shop floor. Tofas Tool & Die plant management selected the CogniTens solution following an extensive process. As part of this, Tofas engineers benchmarked all key optical measurement systems and 3D digitalization technologies and their suitability to support full dimensional measurement of castings, machined dies, stamped parts and other complex parts and tools.

The Optigo system was implemented in the Tofas manufacturing and assembly complex in Bursa and used to support the Tool and Die plant operations. This sub-plant is considered one of the most sophisticated throughout the global Fiat Auto group and was recognized as the group’s innovation center for die technology and best practices . . . . .

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