Tecnimex do Brasil
Tecnimex do Brasil

Maintenance Of Industrial Machine Installations

From the original and pioneering LTD-500 up to the modern and compact AT 401 Laser Trackers of Hexagon Metrology, allied to the great experience in advanced three dimensional measurements acquired throughout 14 years of history, Tecnimex do Brasil has become one of the major references in providing portable three dimensional metrology services in Latin America.

Tecnimex do Brasil is a pioneer in the measuring services sector and owns 5 Hexagon Metrology systems. “The acquisitions, together with the new generation Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, has brought us more portability, agility and further competitiveness, especiallydue to its easy transportation on long journeys across our country which is very large!”, stated Mr. Paulo Vieira, Technical Director, responsible for the project.

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