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Versatile use of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra with small precision parts

In the production halls articles are pressed, turned, ground and rolled. Hammering and clattering fills every nook and cranny. Thousands of small parts are tumbling into their assigned bins. At first glance the picture is deceptive: diversity rules here. Swiss concern SFS intec concentrates on the design and manufacture of customer-specific precision moulded parts, special screws and mechanical movement elements. Its range of customers is wide and varied: SFS intec designs and manufactures parts for the automobile, aerospace, fittings, leisure, electrical, electronic, window and door industries. The Leitz PMM-C Ultra is proving just as versatile as the spectrum of parts produced by SFS intec. Quality assurance is given every encouragement at the headquarters of the company in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Before a precision moulded part, a special screw or a movement element can be installed in the end product it must go through several process stages. At SFS intec development starts with the agreement of a customer‘s construction drawing. The aim: to ensure by working closely with the customer that each part works properly and can be manufactured economically. Whether it is a gear for a chain drive in a motor, a miniature screw for a mobile phone or a gearbox component for a drill. Furthermore it is the task of the developer to design the part so that it can be manufactured using powder metallurgy or cold forming – technologies that are used at Heerbrugg. Above all for complex geometries SFS intec prefers to use powder metallurgy. When it is a matter of parts with high strengths in series production, SFS intec turns to cold forming.


Crucial to the quality of the parts that can be produced using cold forming – like pinions for starters or belt systems – is the quality of the tool. The correct design of the punch and die is the responsibility of the engineers in the technical office at SFS intec. Grinding, die sinking EDM, turning and milling are also part of a toolmaker‘s work. The tools are inspected using two Brown & Sharpe coordinate measuring machines, both Chameleon models, which have been part of the machinery park since 2000. Until the acquisition of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra five years later, many measuring tasks were completed on these coordinate measuring machines. The continuously rising requirements of the customers – above all coming from the automobile industry – is paralleled by the growth in performance of coordinate measuring machines themselves. The requirement for a more precise machine arose from the need to master even more complex measuring tasks. The choice of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra was based on its good price-performance ratio, high accuracy and speed. The machine‘s high accuracy in scanning mode was particularly impressive...

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