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Case Study Robert Bosch GmbH - Gerlingen

Calibrating in the premier league

Robert Bosch GmbH has been playing in the league of exceptional calibration laboratories certified by the German Calibration Service (DKD) for more than 25 years. Over this time, the central calibration laboratory at the company‘s headquarters in Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe has risen to become an internationally renowned institution. A premier-class laboratory naturally requires equipment of the highest quality. This equipment includes the Leitz PMM-C Infinity 12.10.7 and Leitz PMM-C Ultra 12.10.7 3D coordinate measuring machines.

Robert Bosch‘s central calibration laboratory is a byword for the highest precision and competence in metrology. Whereas other laboratories come up against limits set by the accuracy of their metrology, that‘s not the end of the line in the central calibration laboratory at Robert Bosch : „We are called upon to measure highly complex parts,“ says DKD laboratory manager Rogér Ernst. „This also applies when it comes to measuring innovative products developed by the Bosch Group. We carry out correlation measurements in cases of doubt.“ The laboratory technicians are also responsible for creating metrology standardisation and guidance documents for use throughout the whole of the Bosch Group. Working with measuring machine manufacturers, the team is committed to the advancement of metrology.

Calibration - signed, sealed, delivered
A further service provided by the showcase laboratory on the „Schillerhöhe“ above Gerlingen: the calibration and testing of measurement and test equipment. The Leitz PMM-C Infinity in the laboratory is accredited by the DKD for the calibration of ball plates. The ball plates are used to test volumetric length measurement uncertainty, probing uncertainty and orthogonality of the measurement axis of coordinate measuring machines. The metrology technicians are expert at calibrating thread gauges, spline gauges and test cylinders using the Leitz PMM-C Infinity and the Leitz PMM-C Ultra. In addition to the manufacturing and research centres operated worldwide by the Bosch Group, the central calibration laboratory counts third-party companies among its circle of customers. The laboratory also markets its calibration services on the Internet at

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