RECARO Aircraft Seating - Schwäbisch Hall
RECARO Aircraft Seating - Schwäbisch Hall

Ergonomic Lightweights

Airlines and aeroplane manufacturers are facing the challenge of transporting people and freight more efficiently. The only way to do this is to put every single aircraft component on a drastic slimming diet, but the RECARO Aircraft Seating company won‘t be compromising the ergonomics or comfort of their aircraft seats for the economy and business classes. Instead, the company will be maintaining their high quality standards and betting on their well-positioned development department, with support from a DEA GLOBAL 3D coordinate measuring device from Hexagon Metrology.

Admittedly, a seat like this doesn‘t have it easy. It‘s got to hold up to use seven days a week, often 20 hours a day, over a lifespan of up to 30 years. Alongside reliability, lightweight construction is high on the check list of RECARO‘s developers at company headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall. More weight requires more fuel, which translates to higher expenses, and  in this dynamic market, every saved litre of kerosene counts. The seat specialists at RECARO are focused intently on sitting itself. Ideally, airline passengers should arrive at their destination more relaxed than at boarding time.

How do the idea generators at RECARO find a balance between the weight efficiency, ergonomics, comfort and reliability of a seat? The company‘s development departments get essential impetus and ideas from measurement technology. Up till very recently, individual parts were still measured with a boom machine, a process requiring considerable manual effort. To comply with the zero-error strategy devised by the company management, RECARO had to strike out in new directions with regard to measurement technology. Accordingly, the demands placed on the coordinate measuring device to be used were
high. . . . .

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