Ogihara America - Howell (automated)
Case Study Ogihara America - Howell (automated)

Ogihara Eliminates Hundreds of Inspection Hours with OptiCell by CogniTens

Based on our experience, OptiCell has paid for itself in about three months simply by eliminating hundreds of CMM inspection hours and iterative quality procedures.

Ogihara America Corporation is a subsidiary of the Japanese Ogihara Corporation, one of the largest independent automotive die manufacturers in the world today. Ogihara is a Tier 1 supplier known for its exceptional product quality of automotive class A parts, assemblies and related body panels. Ogihara operates in the US from its Howell based facility in Michigan. Ogihara’s production facilities provide critical parts and assemblies to General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler as well as to several Japanese “transplants” across North America. All Ogihara facilities around the world share common processes for ensuring lean and streamlined operation. Common processes help Ogihara develop and manufacture more cost effectively while ensuring the best quality for the customer at all times.

Ogihara’s Howell plant specializes in long-term production jobs requiring stamping and sub-assembly of Class A quality panels via robotic material handling; robotic weld, sealer, and adhesive application; automated assembly lines; and automated material transfer. These panels are the visible surfaces of finished vehicles, fenders, hoods, trunk-lids, doors, body sides, roof panels, and other areas of high visibility for the customer.

Expanding into Fully Automated Measurement...

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