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Case Study Metso Paper - Karlstad

Portable Metrology Provides Quick & Easy Solution for Paper Mill Machine Alignment

When paper is racing through the roller maze at more than two kilometers per minute, everything has to be aligned perfectly. And that is exactly the challenge faced by Metso Paper, a world leader in pulping and papermaking. Its facility in Karlstad, Sweden specializes in the design and manufacture of lines well known for their high-quality towel and bathroom tissue grades.

A typical tissue line, depending on its width and rated capacity, is about 10 meters wide and exceeds 30 meters in length, and is as tall as a 3-storey building. Weighing a total of several hundred tons, it is an elaborate construction consisting of a steel supporting structure holding the moving parts in place.

An endless belt of running wire mesh is used to form the sheet of paper. It runs parallel to the so-called felt, an endless belt of woven cloth material that contacts the sheet as it passes through the paper machine. The felt guides, cushions and dries the wet paper sheet. And the paper sheet itself originates from the paper stock, which is a slurry of wood fibers (cellulosic material) suspended in water, with the water content of about 97 percent. When the paper sheet reaches the so-called Yankee dryer – mounted in the large round structure – the immense steam and pressure reduce the water content to nearly zero within mere two seconds.

And then there are the rollers, probably the most recognizable parts in any paper machine. Weighing in excess of 10 tons each, rollers are metallic cylinders mounted horizontally and are used to smooth, press, dry or otherwise process the wet (or semi-wet) sheet of paper. Most rollers have a fixed diameter across their entire length, but some rollers (called “controlled crown”) are designed to be expanded or contracted in diameter to accommodate deflection at the center and achieve constant pressure across the line of contact between different rollers. The rollers in the Yankee dryer establish contact with the paper sheet, causing the water and moisture to evaporate. . . . .

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