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Matrix - Schio

Quality and Speed Hand in Hand

What is behind a few hundreds euros worth of punching tool which is however a key component for the machining of millions of stamped parts? Material technology, expertise, quality, accuracy, logistics, fast delivery. High-end manufacturers of these very special tools are four in Italy, little over twenty worldwide, and they are all committed to a bitter contest that reminds us of sports races - do your best in the shortest time.

Stefano Saggin, the owner of Matrix based in Schio, Vicenza, Italy, describes with few but effective words the customers with whom punching tool manufacturers have to do with: “Amazingly enough, our typical customer invests considerable amounts of money in machine tools - punching machines in our specific case -, but they are very reluctant to stock up on spare tools. These are relatively inexpensive items (a few hundreds of euros on average) but they are generally ordered when there is the need, and with immediate delivery, or else production gets temporarily discontinued. That’s why our activity is based not only on technology and quality, but on the extreme optimization of manufacturing logistics as well.”

The average time for the manufacture of a tool – from raw material to the part ready for delivery – is approximately 15 days. This time includes roughing out, heat treatment and machine finishing. Over the years, Matrix have refined their manufacturing methods and today they can fulfill an order within 24 hours.

“All our production – Saggin continues – depends on a control software we’ve developed, that supervises all activities required to handle 26,000 different items.

An associate company of ours deals with the manufacture of semi-finished products that are stored and constantly made available with a careful inventory control. At this point of the production cycle, the tool requires just a few hours, sometimes even less, of finishing and quality control work. Up to the receipt of the order, the software accomplishes these tasks: identifies the semi-finished product, generates the machining programs for the machining centres and EDM equipment, and creates measurement programs for the DEA GLOBAL CMM which does the final dimensional inspection.

Our machining centres are a team of robots in which semifinished products feeding is handled automatically based on delivery priorities. Considering that a minimum quantity of tools is ordered each time, it follows that tools are never manufactured in large quantities. Often the part machined is different from the previous one and from the following one. This works with utmost efficiency thanks to the parameterisation of the characteristics of  . . . . .

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