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Nobody gets past security

Night club doormen mercilessly decide who can spend the evening in the club and who has to peep through steamed-up windows in their trainers from the outside. The Optiv Classic measuring devices from Hexagon Metrology perform the same function at Kiekert. At the incoming goods department, they check vendor parts and issue a decisive "go" or "no go".

Kiekert AG is the world‘s leading supplier of high-quality locking system technology for the automotive industry. With development and production locations across the globe, the locking system specialist is locally accessible to customers in every  major automotive region of the world. The company‘s particular focus on high-quality product development is mirrored in their modern product range. Over a third of their technologies are less than three years old and make Kiekert the world‘s number-one provider of sidedoor locking systems. The same high quality standards apply at every Kiekert production location – it‘s what the company‘s international customers expect.

At first glance, a car lock seems like a trivial thing. Global Laboratory Manager Bettina Brandt puts things into perspective: "A lock is quite comparable to a Swiss watch. Between 70 and 125 individual parts interlock with and engage one another. Deviations in the hundredth of a millimetre range in a single part can result in lock malfunction." Ultimately, every Kiekert lock has to lock reliably and open just as reliably. This is ensured thanks to the high standard of quality in every area of the business.

Getting a handle on the supply flow

The supply flow is also complex. 350 suppliers provide the Kiekert factories with 5,000 different parts, mainly punched parts, precision punched parts and injectionmoulded parts made of plastic. For example, one million individual parts are delivered to the factory in the Czech Republic, Kiekert‘s largest factory, on a daily basis. How do you get a handle on this kind of nearly inconceivable flow of goods?

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