Leitz 3D measuring machines ensure premium rotary blower quality and efficiency

Blower air is a highly versatile energy source and is essential for water treatment applications and the conveying of dry bulk goods, for example. To ensure that rotary blowers from Kaeser Kompressoren are able to deliver over- and under-pressure dependably and efficiently over the long-term, all components such as rotors, casings and timing gears have to be manufactured to within minimal tolerances. The Quality Management department at Kaeser uses Leitz PMM-C and Leitz PMM coordinate measuring equipment supplied by Hexagon Metrology to subject the blower components and the tools used for their manufacture to regular stringent tests.

In addition to compressed air refrigeration dryers, Kaeser Kompressoren has been manufacturing rotary blowers at its Gera plant in central Germany since 1993. Characterised by their yellow enclosures, these energy-efficient units deliver compressed air at pressures up to 1000 mbar and vacuum down to -500 mbar. To name just a few of their many talents, they can be used to enrich waste water in clarifiers with oxygen, convey dry bulk goods via blowing or suction, feed air to furnaces and to homogenise liquids, the list is endless.


At the heart of every rotary blower is a cast blower block housing two rotors and spurtoothed timing gears that cause the rotors to turn in perfect synchronicity. As soon as the rotors are in motion, air is drawn in and trapped between the rotor and the casing. The rotation conveys the air to the pressure side without compression. In blowers with three-lobed rotors the rotor tips extend to the edge of an eccentric recess in the casing. This pre-inlet channel allows the pressure of the atmospheric air drawn into the chamber to gradually equalise with the air flowing back from the pressurised side of the equipment until it can finally overcome the resistance of the connected pipe work...

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