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The testing institute

The internationally-operating ISP testing institute has been able to reduce the high-accuracy wear measurement procedure for engine components from two full days to just a few hours. The basis for these enormous time savings is high-accuracy Leitz range coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology and utilisation of the QUINDOS Wear software module, an innovation in wear measurement from Hexagon Metrology PTS.

When an automobile manufacturer’s performance tests and consumption measurements are running like a well-oiled machine, it’s precisely because they are using the right kind of lubricant; motor oil. Maximum engine output, optimum fuel economy and environmental compatibility can only be combined if frictional losses in the drive train are reduced to a minimum.

In combustion engines, a good 40% of frictional losses occur between ‘friction partners’ – like the pistons, piston rings and cylinder bores. In modern motorcars, these components are manufactured with extreme precision. Micro-structured 3D functional surfaces and extremely precise fitting accuracy optimise the tribological system, reduce energy consumption and form the basis for ride comfort and reliability. The challenge for engineers is finding the ideal interaction between key components of the drive train, such as camshafts, bearing shells and timing chains, with as little wear as possible.

The oil industry is working toward the same goal, as they know as a motor oil OEM they can’t win the race unless they are able to offer carmakers the best lubricant formula. Consequently, oil producers are putting considerable effort into validating their products. Analyses of highly-stressed components using complex, realistic engine wear tests have to be implemented properly.

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