HYDRO Exploitation - Switzerland

Improving Data Quality and Quantity with 3D Measurement

Based at Sion in the Swiss mountains, HYDRO Exploitation SA is a service provider that specialises in the operation of electrical installations and hydroelectric facilities.

The company has around 450 employees and currently operates facilities with an output equal to approximately 22% of Swiss hydroelectric capacity. Together, these facilities produce nearly 16% of Switzerland’s hydroelectric power.

The employees of HYDRO Exploitation SA possess a great deal of experience in the operation of hydroelectric facilities. Their company brings together engineers, technicians, project managers and operating personnel in the power generation plants so that their experience can be used to undertake restoration, renewal and optimisation of other installations. Amongst the employees is David Rey, geomatics engineer at the centre of the civil engineering unit.

To measure the geometry of machine shafts – the main rotation axle of a machine – and the injectors, water inlet planes and equipment positions, HYDRO Exploitation SA has, since 2011, been the proud owner of a Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 that is operated using the SpatialAnalyzer software.

The AT401 allows HYDRO Exploitation SA to perform highlyaccurate, remote three-dimensional measurements over long distances. This tool allowed David Rey’s team to improve upon data that was previously available solely as vertical data (shaft altitude with a certain accuracy level) and provide three-dimensional data. The 3D results allow a much more relevant analysis of the geometry of power-generation machinery in cooperation with the mechanical engineers...

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