GH Cranes - Beasain
GH Cranes - Beasain

Industrias Electromecánicas GH performs dimensional control of crane bridges with the portable Leica TDM5005 Industrial Total Station

Industrias Electromecánicas GH, leading manufacturers of crane bridges with a wide range of products, are located in Beasain, north of Spain. The Leica TDM5005 Industrial Total Station measurement system is used for fast, large scale and high precision dimensional control.

Geometric control of the crane is basically control of the distance between wheels and the alignment of axes. Due to the portability of the equipment it is no longer necessary to transport the crane or sections to a stationary CMM: The Leica Geosystems Industrial Total Stations can be moved anywhere for dimensional control at any time. Another important aspect of the system measurement is to ensure the parallelism and verticality of the crane wheels. GH Cranes also does dimensional control with the Leica Geosystems products during assembly of the crane at the customers premises. . . . .

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