Ford - Cologne-Merkenich
Case Study Ford - Cologne-Merkenich

A globalised measuring solution

Retrofitting in metrology offers significant advantages. Ford recognised this and replaced the existing metrology software used in its autobody manufacturing facilities with PC-DMIS from Hexagon Metrology. The new software solution impressed the Cologne automobile manufacturer with its flexibility, speed and professional support.

Retrofitting is gaining more and more importance in coordinate metrology. Without a doubt – retrofitting prolongs the service lives of existing systems and is more cost effective than acquiring new equipment. In order to be able to fulfil this aim competently and effectively, Hexagon Metrology has established a retrofit team in each of its sales companies.

The team concentrates its activities on the upgrading of electronic components and software – and not just of products made by Hexagon Metrology. Installation of the PC-DMIS metrology software system results in immediate improvements, for example the integration of CAD data and offline programming for more productivity.

Impressive presentation
Ford also profits from the advantages offered by PC-DMIS. The Cologne carmakers were tipped off about this package in 2009 by their colleagues in the USA, who had been running Hexagon Metrology software for some years. The use of the same technology, processes and tooling is seen as a big plus at all Ford plants worldwide. The acquisition of PC-DMIS therefore offers even more. Especially as the existing metrology software was no longer satisfactory and the search for alternatives had already begun. This new metrology software would allow them to write high-quality programs without having to invest a great deal of time.

The Hexagon Metrology software was installed first in the toolmaking shop and the pilot plant. At the same time, an analysis of the manufacturing process was performed in the pilot plant to identify where problems could occur and the measuring programs were written for the assembly groups. This lead was followed by body and toolmaking shops in other plants in Europe – each time just before the start of production of a new model...

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