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Fette measures tablet press components automatically using Leitz PMM-F

Wide, flat countryside, gigantic wind turbines, bright redbrick houses – so characteristic of the far north of Germany. To industry experts however, the region is also associated with the manufacture of tablet presses. Fette, based in Schwarzenbek, Schleswig-Holstein, has years of experience as a master of this art. Fette tablet presses are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical and related industries. The company inspects tablet press components – such as turrets, for example – on a Leitz PMM-F. The result is increased productivity.

Tabletting technology revolves around compacting – the manufacture of products like tablets, tabs, catalysts or battery ring cores produced by pressing granulate. The components of the tabletting machines have to be manufactured to high accuracies so that tablet pressing can be as precise as possible. The aim is to minimise the number of defective tablets and use the exact dose of what is often an expensive powdered raw material. A more accurately manufactured machine will also be subject to less downtime.

Impressing above all with its high accuracy in combination with the flexible QUINDOS software package, a Leitz PMM had been part of the measurement team’s tool kit from 1988 to 2003. Rising production quantities meant that the previous process had to be improved with the help of a universal measuring solution that would satisfy the demands for economy as well as the technical requirements. The primary objective was that the machine should be designed to allow Fette to use it all day to perform special measurements, programmed measuring processes and final inspections. During the second and third shifts, the machine should be capable of carrying out serial measurements automatically, without an operator. The new CMM should also be able to accept components up to a maximum size of 1800 x 1800 x 500 mm . . . . .

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