Eurocopter - Donauwoerth
Case Study Eurocopter - Donauwoerth

Laser Trackers Revolutionise Industrial Measurement Procedures at Eurocopter

Eurocopter, the world's leading helicopter manufacturer, has improved production line efficiency by up to 70% in just a few years - thanks to two new state-of-the-art Laser Tracker measurement systems from Leica Geosystems. According to Reinhold Grosskopf, head of FEMI development, the deployment of the two Laser Trackers for quality assurance purposes at Eurocopter's production plant in Donauwoerth, Germany, has revolutionised technical measurement procedures.

Says Mr Grosskopf: “We do not only produce helicopters, we are also the main supplier for the Airbus industry, in particular for the A-380”. “Our employees have to cope with a huge work and maintenance turnover with regard to the manufacture of doors and doorways for the Airbus assembly operations. These problems can only be solved in a goaloriented way with a flexible measurement system such as the Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker.” Following the deployment of Theodolite systems in the 1990s, the Laser Tracker technology – introduced in 1999 – brought a considerable degree of added flexibility to technical measurement procedures at Donauwoerth. The mobile measurement systems enable Eurocopter to perform direct measurements during manufacture – in other words, the object no longer has to be temporarily removed from the production line and moved to the fixed examination point in the CMM. . . . .

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