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Jean-Charles de Borda was one of the personalities behind the introduction of the metric system in France at the end of the 18th Century. A century later, Carl Benz went for the world‘s first motorised „drive“ in Germany. At Daimler AG‘s main factory in Stuttgart- Untertürkheim, Germany, these two aspects of history come together. Here, gauges and setting masters are recalibrated to national standards with high-accuracy,
efficient measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology PTS.

The gauge monitoring department has 60.000 pieces gauges and masters at their disposal on the Untertürkheim site. On behalf of the more than 500 departments (maintenance depots), the gauge measurement centre carries out regular calibration of all testing equipment, where dimensions are reset to national standards.

Gauge monitoring guarantees reliable, standardcompliant and reproducible processes in the engine and sub-assembly departments.

For the calibration of standard gauges, the team in Untertürkheim rely on an ingenious measuring and handling system from Hexagon Metrology PTS. This automated system is based on a climate-controlled measuring room (quality category 1), two Leitz brand high-accuracy measuring machines and the QUINDOS software package.

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