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Coordinate metrology for power packs

The performance demanded from machines working in mining, forestry and agriculture are also expected from their power packs. These machines lift and lower tonnes of material, drill into almost impenetrable rock and plough through heavy soils. Hydraulics from Rexroth play their part in this, too. At its factory in Nuremberg, the Mobile Hydraulics Division of Bosch Rexroth AG manufactures external gear pumps and motors. The components are inspected using 3D coordinate metrology from Hexagon Metrology.

Rexroth’s external gear pumps and motors achieve their high degree of efficiency through their pressure-sensitive gap sealing and high-precision production technology. „With such a high level of process reliability, we can ensure that the gap dimensions comply with the specified tolerances,“ comments Felix Zacharias, Quality Management External Gear Machines. „This has an obviously beneficial effect on their efficiency and therefore on the efficiency of working machinery such as tractors, cranes or timber loaders.“ The individual components – for example gears, housings and bearing bushes – are subject to tight tolerances. For example, the tolerance for some features on gear wheels is as small as 2 microns. Only if the components match one another at the detailed level can the assembled unit perform to its maximum.


Production operatives use special gear inspection machines, optical metrology and in-line measuring machines to ensure that everything matches down to the finest detail. A climatised measuring room provides even more accuracy for special...

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