BP Riduttori – Mellaredo di Pianiga (VE)
BP Riduttori – Mellaredo di Pianiga (VE)

Gear manufacturer by tradition

Experience, specialisation, product customisation – these are the three mainstays of BP Riduttori, a family- owned company based in the province of Venice. A small company but one with great technical expertise, for years many renowned companies in the transport, railway and pharmaceutical industries have relied on BP Riduttori to supply a vast array of gears and gear teeth.

The company, established in 1968, manufactures high-quality gears and gearboxes. Over time it has developed and consolidated an in-depth expertise in the manufacturing of gears based on a customer’s drawing or on a sample, often producing small lots rather than large batches.

This is the reason that BP Riduttori products are extremely diverse and cover a wide range of different gears, from the most common spur gears and helical gears to Gleason spiral bevel gears, differential reduction gears, bevel
gears, worm screws, drive shafts, gearbox speed multipliers, angled gear units and worm screw jacks.

Federico Bortolami, second-generation owner and technical director of the company explains: “The applications of gears in the real world are extremely varied and although gears may meet specifically defined requirements, they are subject to a good deal of variation. When the kinematic system that the gear is a component of has relatively simple characteristics, you can use off-the-shelf gears. However, as the system gets more complex and accuracy requirements get higher, dedicated gear profiles and couplings become necessary. They allow the correct, efficient and effective transmission of motion and minimise the wear, noise and loss of precision. As a result, the mechanical designer will create the gear geometry as a function of the characteristics of the machine that is going to hold the gear, not vice-versa. From the most traditional but more and more demanding applications for powertrains through to high-accuracy machines for the pharmaceutical industry, to gyro control mechanisms, each of them has different characteristics and requirements.

“Our company did not want to step on the throttle with mass production. On the contrary, we wanted to make our experience of over 40 years available to those who require specialised components and consultancy at the design and manufacturing stage. We often support the technical
departments of our customers to assess the best solution as early as the design stage. Less frequent, but not uncommon, are cases in which we have to reproduce and possibly alter existing gears whose geometric characteristics or mathematical models are unknown, and real reverse engineering is therefore required.”

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