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Made to Measure - BMW in Leipzig

Setting up a measurement facility according to one's own ideas and visions in a newly built automotive plant, that must be the dream of every dedicated technician in measurement technology. For the 11 people of the measurement crew from quality management in chassis building, this dream has now come true – in the newly constructed BMW plant in Leipzig. Within the scope of their “Geometrical safeguarding in chassis building” project, they purchased traditional fixed CMMs as well as innovative mobile optical measuring systems. For the flexible LTD800 Laser Tracker from Leica Geosystems, this was a perfect working environment.

”If you keep in mind what the main job of the team is, namely, consultancy and support in measurement safeguarding for chassis building, our laser tracker certainly is the optimal tool for the multiple application areas due to its mobility and versatility. By using the combination of a Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker and a Leica T-Probe, the Leipzig team could optimally reach its goal, as they now have a full-fledged 3D mobile coordinate measuring machine that does not block anything in the measuring area,” explains Joerg Illemann, Leica Geosystems Sales Engineer responsible for BMW in Leipzig.

The laser tracker from Leica Geosystems is an easy-to-transport, mobile coordinate measuring system. Thanks to its built-in laser interferometer, measurements can be carried out extremely quickly and with great precision. Regardless of whether single points or entire surfaces are being measured: from a single position, the laser tracker can measure objects with a measuring volume of up to 80 meters (131 ft) in diameter and with an accuracy of +/-10 ppm (ìm/m), at a measuring rate of up to 3,000 points per second. Application areas for Leica Geosystems laser trackers are for example highprecision tool design and construction or geometrical tests in the automotive and aerospace industries. Due to the integrated Absolute Distance Meter (ADM), periodical measurements, repetition tests and similar jobs can be carried out with full automation; the position of the laser tracker is always flexible and can adjust to the size of an object or to possible limitations of available space.

Leica Geosystems' “Walk-Around” armless and wireless Leica T-Probe, which can measure practically any object anywhere with six degrees of freedom (6DoF), has played an important role for BMW when they chose the Leica Geosystems system; interfering cables or mechanical connections belong to the past. With the Leica T-Probe, even recesses and cavities can be measured with an astonishing precision: the length measurement precision is +/-0.06 mm (2 Sigma) in a measuring volume of up to 15 m (49 ft).­ . . . .

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