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Lifelong Absolute Accuracy for Industrial Robots

High speed tracking is one of the most stringent requirements for robot control, machine guidance and Metrology Assisted Assembly. Robot calibration, accuracy improvement of drilling machines or automation of wingto-body assembly are just some examples of machine control applications of Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers.

Leading industrial robot manufacturer, ABB Robotics, in an ‚industry first‘ application, uses Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker Systems to guarantee movement precision during an innovative calibration process. ABB of Västerås, Sweden is a pioneer among world industrial robot manufacturers when it comes to using laser-based measuring technology to ensure robot precision.

ABB, with an installed base of 125,000 robots, stands out as the world‘s largest in the arena of industrial automation. And Leica Geosystems‘ equipment is instrumental in a unique calibration method that offers customers exact robot positioning accuracy throughout the entire life cycle of their robots. Known as Absolute Accuracy, ABB‘s calibration method turns a standard robot into an exact robot by applying software-controlled correction of errors that arise in normal use caused by overload, kinematics and dynamics.

“A really great industrial robot is one that maintains its accuracy throughout its entire life cycle, including factory installation, motor output, regrouping of fixtures and everything else a robot might experience,” says Peter Fixell, product manager responsible for calibration and quality assurance at ABB in Västerås. “The difference in accuracy between a virtual ‚ideal robot‘ and an actual robot is usually between 8-15 mm. The difference stems from mechanical tolerances and load. With Absolute Accuracy, we reduce the gap to an average 0.5 mm,” Peter Fixell concludes. . . . .

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